Today Brickwood Galuteria and Sam Slom sold the voters out

and voted yes to confirm a Castle & Cooke lobbyist to Chair the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).  The PLDC wasn’t bad enough?  Now they want to skip the intermediary and put a director of LURF and lobbyist for a developer in charge of our public lands?

We promise to go door to door in your districts and make sure you are defeated next election.

See Sam Slom’s logically tangled tirade after Gov Ige withdrew Ching’s nomination.  For voters in his district who supported him for his environmental positions, we may want to rethink that! His speech starts about 9:48.

And here’s Brickwood Galuteria’s speech in favor of nominating a developer lobbyist to head Dept of Land and Natural Resources because Ching will be too busy to undo environmental protections!